Proper Oral Hygiene

It’s always important to take great care of your teeth (at least if you want to keep them) and when you have braces it’s important to take extra care so your teeth with be straight and beautiful when your braces come off. Below are some recommendations that will keep you on the right track.

  • We recommend you use a soft bristled tooth brush with a small head. Electric and sonic tooth brushes are also acceptable.

  • Brush your teeth after meals and snacks.

  • If you have eaten while away from home, use your interdental brush to dislodge any food that may get caught around your braces.

  • Rinsing with water is another way to dislodge food from your braces, and to keep sugar from sitting on your teeth.

  • Floss your teeth at least once a day. We recommend a WaterPik water flosser. It is an inexpensive tool to greatly improve oral health during orthodontic treatment.

  • We recommend that you have a check-up with your dentist every 6 months.