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We believe your smile should be a natural reflection of the beauty you have inside. That’s why we treat everyone in a personal, customized way.


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Birch River Orthodontics

Braces & Invisalign in Hudson, OH

Hudson Orthodontist, Dr. Jason Lawrence and the Team at Birch River Orthodontics believe that your smile has the power to change your life. We believe that nothing does more to increase your self-confidence than feeling good about the way you present yourself to the world outside your door, or on the other side of a Zoom call – and we know that your smile is one of the most powerful tools you have to bring confidence to every interaction.

Building on a great history of patient care with Dr. Roy Scott, Birch River Orthodontics brings something new to the area. From the tools we use to straighten teeth to the way we create patient records (with digital scanners and no goopy impressions) we are committed to offering the most patient-friendly treatment available.

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You should never have to choose between the best treatment available and something you can afford.

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See all your options, from high-tech braces and Invisalign® to early, interceptive treatment for your kids.

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Dr. Jason Lawrence and the Team at Birch River Orthodontics offer a no-pressure laid-back approach.

Jason Lawrence, DDS

Dr. Lawrence has been creating beautiful, healthy smiles in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia since 2013. In that time, he has honed both the science and art of patient-friendly orthodontic treatment and he is thrilled to become a permanent resident of Hudson – to be both our doctor and our neighbor.

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